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How it should be…

If you havn’t already comment on the active count beneath this post.

Hello FGR, it’s Chrisi bringing you some thoughts…. (Click readmore)

Well as you already know Elitesof has retired, however he decided to make Jackfrenzy leader (fair enough Jack is active and has a lot of experience) (Of course some of you who havn’t been around for the last week may be thinking “But why isn’t Chrisi or Lsund becoming leader” Simple answer neither of us wanted to become leaders.)

Anyway what I wanted to talk to you about is something that I find slightly shocking. Elites decided that he was going to demote Coolster  despite the fact that he is now retired (Elites is retired) >.<. he has now replaced Coolster with some random person. Me being me decided that this cannot be, so I made Coolster leader again (Yes I know I’m only 2ic). Really this is silly Coolster is an active troop and he does in fact come on every day ( I can’t say the same thing for many of the other leaders >.<).

This army is starting to annoy me ever so slightly, I like all the troops, there aren’t any that I don’t get on with, however when it comes down to leaders it seems to all get a bit pathetic, I do like the leaders but when you start demoting them for no good reason or brining in random people (who, let’s be honest havn’t done much for this army, whether they have been active for the past week or so.)

In the time that BB was medium I learnt something (actually me and Klimster learnt something) Activeness beats experience. Whats better? Having an active leader who might not know too much, but he does keep the army going or a leader who knows loads about warfare and is able to design a really good army, but he tends to make no posts etc.

Let’s summarise what I am saying, We should keep the leaders how they would be if Elites didn’t pick replacements.

Fido1625, Coolster114, Fadsa.

I would also suggest making a 1.5ic rank to settle this disturbance. Something along the lines of …

Jack Frenzy, Chrisi Blule & Lsund.

“But Chrisi you didn’t want to be leader and neither did Lsund”

It’s not leader it’s between leader and 2ic O_o

Oh and if my little idea doesn’t work I shall be making myself advisor since I do not wish to be part of an army were one  of my friends has been demoted for no reason, by someone who should no longer be able to do that. (Oagalthorp much ?)

~Chrisi Blule

                             FGR 2ic & Vice-president 

P.s If anyone makes an edit with their opinion in can they please do it below this ‘P.s’ as it is just plain rudeness to make the edit more noticeable than my work 😉


10 Responses

  1. Oagalthorp much?LOL

  2. ah matty’d and jack are staying leaders.

    and the reason i demoted coolster was because he would sow up on chat but his leadership skills dont match the rank he holds. K? good well now u know.

    • The reason my leadership skills DID NOT match the rank i held? Because you acted like the only leader. You acted as if I was a 2ic or even a lower rank. If you had let me and the others lead, then maybe everything was different.

      And you say I am useless? You do realise I was the one who got you to return. I was the one who encouraged you to. I told you about FGR rising. And I made us get the numbers we got when you did not attend. We had like 6 against CPGT until I logged on and rose us to about 12. Simular story with ST. We had 5 and no one was aware of the event until I alerted everyone. We rose from 5 to around 15 within 10 minuits.

    • Thank You.

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