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Thank You

Now that Club Penguin and CP armies have come to a close, just wanted to say thank you to all of you for creating memories that will last forever… goodluck for the future everyone 🙂 (apart from you Furbur27 from RPF)



Who Still Checks This Site

Title says it all lol.

I am not dead!

Hey Guys! Lsund here, and I’m NOT DEAD. I faked it. Just kidding, I left my account open somewhere, and someone I dont even know said I was dead and deleted my xat :. SO, I’m back and will be all summer.

Wth are you going on about?

Hello Recons

We are not dying. Failing at two events is nothing. We got 10 the day before, and it’s just a normal thing. You can’t get 10-15 all the time. There must be times when you fail. The leaders did not turn up to the event, so what? We attended all the other events, and we got a life, so shut up Elitesof. Yes, this is also directed to you. I am fed up of your interference’s in this army. It is useless. You don’t get us anywhere with it. We never have. No offence to Shad, but you know that argument between us back in September? It was stirred up by you. You never have faith in the leadership. You always hire people and tell them the others are inactive. You see, I know realize the problem was not with Shad, but with you. I remember a time you freaking threatened to hire someone to hack an innocent dude in an earlier generation because the army fell slightly due to him. This is not happening anymore. The influence of former leaders is not as strong as it was as before, as there are people who don’t know how to handle an army once they are retired. The only ones who are now trusted by this regime as advisers are Chrisi Blule, Fido1625 and Shad, for they don’t mess with the army like you do. I understand you created this army, but enough is enough, you can’t continue like this, your the one who messes everything up. We put 100% into this army as a leadership, and we do what we want, you understand? ‘Nuff said.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader

IAL Battle Round 3 (Finished)

CP Union (1-0-0) vs. Fort Ghost Recon (1-1-0)

Week 3, Day 1: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

:!:Times: ❗

:arrow:11am PST

:arrow:12pm MST

:arrow:1pm CST

:arrow:2pm EST

:arrow:7pm BST

Where: Ice Palace, Town

This time, I expect people to actually come to this event. The last IAL Battle was against WW, and no one made it. Remember, if we put the effort in to coming to IAL events, people will notice us more because it’s a SMAC Tournament.

This is worth 20 RPs if you come, by the way!

Fog-Our New Capital

Cahill’s edit: I have given those who attended 20 RPs as promised. Comment if I missed you (sorry if I did).

Fog, the territory that will will, in the future, home thousands of Recons as an industrial base for the F.G.R.E, has finally been conquered. We maxed 10 on CP, and had to alter our uniform a bit, to match Club Penguin’s party theme. The Night Warriors, however, refused to defend their server, and did not bother to log on.

just under 10ish


I hope to see an improvement during this war.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader

FGR Enters the Olympics!

(View the event post below too)

Hi troops! This is Adster here and I have entered us into the CP Army Olympics.  FGR will compete as a team like countries compete in real life. But instead, Armies will compete against each other and the winning army gets a trophy and  an xat pot. http://clubpenguinolympics.net.tf/ is the site. Anyway, we need troops 2 troops to sign up for each event. You can sign up for as many events as you want but you might not get into everyone. The events are listed below:

  • Mancala Tournament
  • Find Four Tournament
  • Sled Racing Tournament
  • Sports Tournament
  • The Great CP Race
  • Hide n’ Seek

Comment on this post with the form below filled out if you want to be in the Olympics and represent FGR. Also if you do not get to compete or do not want to you can still support your army and cheer for them.


Rank in FGR:

What Event would you like to compete in:

Answering To The Call Of Duty

Hello Recons

The Night Warriors. An army that have stopped us from claiming the server we have always wanted, Fog. An army that, in our prime days, we have managed to crush. An army that only beat us because we did not bother to defend ourselves.

We have waged war multiple times, succeeding in taking their capital, but only to have lost Sasquatch to them. We have had to trade back the server for our once-beloved land. Now, however, I don’t care if we lose Sasquatch. I don’t care if we lose most of our precious territory. We are going to start fresh, fellow Recons. The area we claim no longer is a symbol of the Fort Ghost Recon. If we take Fog,  and lose most of our other servers, who cares? All we have to do is invade more servers, of which are unclaimed.

You have a duty, as a soldier, to turn up to events. I promise you, if we get 15-20 on Club Penguin, without rouges, you will get your rewards. We will try to have an XAT giveaway, and lot’s more, but, only for those who actually attend the events. If you miss out, your not going to get any prizes.

We Recons fight for liberation.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader

IAL Round 2 Battle (Finished)

Cahill: No one made it? Disappointing.

Watex Warriors defeat Fort Ghost Recon

Watex Warriors earn their first win against the formerly undefeated, no-show FGR.

Ghost/Ice edit: We have been swapped against WW instead of TG,thanks to SMAC’s secondary head,Kooldude. Comment on post below this btw!

Watex Warriors(1-0-0) vs. Fort Ghost Recon (1-0-0)

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

11:30am PST

12:30pm MST

1:30pm CST

2:30pm EST

7:30pm BST

Ice Palace, Stadium

Declaration of war on the Night Warriors

Ice edit(1): If you do not comment you will be demoted.If you do not comment,and fail to show,you will be made member on chat until further notice.

Promotions if we get 15 at one battle. Double promotions if we get 20 at both.(2ics or higher do not count)

Hello Recons.

We will be invading the Night Warrior’s empire.We’ve had some bad history with them,and since we have nothing better do(besides the tournament),why not declare war?

Invasion of Icebound (20 RP)

When:Saturday,May 26th



➡ 1:30 CST

➡ 2:30 EST

➡ 11:30 PST

➡ 12:30 MST

➡ 7:30 UK/GMT

❗ Comment if you can come ❗

20 Recon Points.

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