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  • Rules of the Ranks

    Leaders: Cannot be in another Army
    LiT's and 2ics: Can be in 1 other Army, but cannot be a leader of that Army
    Officer Ranks(Mods): 1 other Army and is able to be a leader of that Army
    Members: Have Fun!


-Table of Contents-

1. Allies & Enemies

2. Land



5.Laws of the Empire



If you are not on the allies or enemy list, you are neutral.




  • Unknown

We currently do not have a map



The F.G.R.E is commanded by the Chairmen/Leaders. The people have a right to vote when given the chance.


Elitesof, Teal




N/A(Opened spot)

Vice-President:(Opened Spot)


Members of Parliament(3-7)(Opened Spot)


We will be using our government more often starting very soon



Flag will be updated very soon.



  1. If any army tries to invade one of our servers,FGR will declare war.
  2. Any army that screws up our flag or steals it will be declared war on.Serious war.
  3. If you steal any content from this website,you will be complained to WordPress and your site might be closed.
  4. If you hack our website,you will be complained too.
  5. If you declare war on any of our allies,then we will step in and help our allies.
  6. You cannot invade our servers that were given us by armies.
  7. Not any single CP Army can invade Klondike.


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