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You’re moving sites?

Well done my friends, congratulations on putting graphical needs above the needs of the army, well done for putting domains above tradition.

Good job my fellows.

I hope you realise that if you were to ever reach major, this site should have been what you relied on.

Have fun with your non-FGR domain.

~Chrisi Blule

Edit: Oh and just a side note, is it just me or is Coolster the only leader that actually does anything- I consider Xat related activities to be irrelevant to the army itself.

Kevin Edit: Chrisi, We have a CSS there and a free domain, we do thank you for what you have made this site into but wouldn’t a CSS be a better appearance? Please respond on chat if you have an answer.

~Kevin Fort Ghost Recon 2ic


Ok, well done to Chrisi.

I got the old pages back, however they’re fairly outdated, so you’ll need to update them.


The overthrowing of Coolster114.

I, Chrisi Blule, Supreme Advisor of the Fort Ghost Recon, announce that this day, the 3rd of  April 2012, at 21:15 GMT, Coolster114’s leadership ends.

The reasons;

Click “Read More”…

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No offence, but…

Eugh, I feel really pessimistic here, ok our size has been good, but quite honestly, from what I’m seeing in our pictures, our tactics have been terrible, what’s the point of having a good size, if your tactics are going to be bad? Come on guys, really? At a Nacho Divsions practice battle, I was leading the Jalapeño division, we had a size of 5, (the other a size of 15, so it wasn’t a bad event), quite honestly, me and those 4 other people would destroy  FGR in a battle at the minute, yes FGR would have the superior size, but me and my little divisions tactics would be amazing, we were making pentagons, circles, squares, dots around the room, and most importantly of all, our tactics were on time,  that is the most important factor in tactics, being on time.

Now I honestly do not know why you guys are performing bad tactics, maybe you guys are just bad at taking pictures, I doubt that, unfortuntely.

What looks better?


Or, this? >.<

And considering that was the only tactic I could find?

If you said the top one, then grab yourself a sticker, if you said the bottom one, please apply to the nearest psychiatrist for your head checked.

Your wonderful advisor,

~Chrisi Blule


I’m ashamed…

What is this army coming to? From what I can tell it is full of greedy people who like special powers on xat, (aka. being mod, or owner), why is it that people are being obsessive about the colour of their xat pawn? Does it really matter what your xat pawn looks like?

I call on those of you who are not of leader rank, to pick yourself up, and get a grip…

If you are going to be one of these people that are in the army for the rank, and not in the army for the army itself, then please, in the politest way possible, I request that you get the fuck out. This army not so long ago, was only medium, and yet had a healthy number of members, who were dedicated to the cause of this army, and since, the core of our army has become twisted and corrupted by a colour of something insignificant.

And I was going to write more, but I think I explained my self quite well, and to explain myself even more would be rather useless.


P.S I’m going to sound like a hypocrite here, but “Supreme Advisor” is a position given to only one person, so that other kid can have a lovely “Advisor” rank, or “Chrisi’s Slave”

This is absolute BS

Chrisi here…

If you haven’t noticed all ready the chat has been “hacked” by TG, I have something very suprising to tell you guys :O, it obviously wasn’t hacked, this is the third time the chat has been “hacked”, one of our leaders is obviously giving out the passwords, it’s fairly obvious is it not? How could they hack the chat when,

1. I really doubt TG hacks

2. Xat is nigh-impossible to hack

3. You could brute force xat, but the current FGR pass was about 20 characters long, and contained different character types, and according to some password site, would take 20 decillion years to brute force.

So that leaves us with the question…

Which leader did it, which leader wants the xats (Well maybe the don’t want xats, but you know xP)

~Chrisi Blule

Ice edit:

Complete and utter disgrace

 exclaim IMPORTANT exclaim

percy: i wasnt their cause i was shoping and ice was judging also i would like walf/six six demoded for helping dt and also i will pick the people for the 2 open highest mod spots due to the fact

Do you people not bother to come to events, unless someone like Percy or Icee tells you to come in a PC ?

I suppose not.

Yes, we were a no show at the CPAE tournament, that was our chance to shine, and you blew it! It annoys me that nobody seems to bother going on chat- asides a select few :/. I for one was at ‘the mall’ while this event was taking place, and came home to find that we were a no show. It’s a disgrace. This whole week we will be having tactics/recruitment sessions. I was going to schedule a war for this week, but after the recent failure, I see no need for us to have fun. Although if we do well at each of these tactics sessions we will have a war. (It may just be that this war will be us showing a certain army that we ‘don’t give a fuck’ about a treaty, which we’ll still be abiding by any way :lol:, some people may know which army that I’m talking about xD.

Anyway here are the details of the Tactics/Recruitment sessions;

 arrow Date(s): 24th-30th of October

 arrow Times: 6pm Est, 5pm Cst, 4pm Mst, 3pm Pst, 1am Gmt (Not expected) 

I of course won’t be making (many) of these, considering I live in the UK, but it is a school break so I might be able to 😆

I want results posts for everyone of them ❗

~Chrisi Blule