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I may die today.

Edit 2:I am back from my inactiveness.My computer is fixed and back. 

Edit:I am living..the earthquake happened,but I was sleeping so I didnt understand the earthquake.There may be a bigger  earthquake though.This earthquake wasnt that big. 

Well,I have got some bad news.

The country and the city I live in is Turkey,Istsnbul…today there may be one of the biggest earthquakes of all time.I was watching the news and I heard that in the sea that Istanbul is on(Marmara Sea)there was a earthquake of 5.2.This may be a warning.Tonight or in a close time,there may be an earthquake.Our apartment is actually so strong.There will not be too much harm for our home probably.If the earthquake is SO big,I have %20 chance of dying,%50 chance of getting harmed,%30 chance of no harm or no die.

If I survive this earthquake,I will tell you.But in morning,if you cant see a post to inform you that I made,I died,I am at hospital or my computer is spoiled.

Please wish for me.



7 Responses

  1. I hope you survive… If not, we will miss you.

  2. okay but dont forget to make post tommorow!

  3. i would move country’s……D:

  4. Good Luck Buddy 😀

  5. Good luck, we hope you don’t die 😥

  6. ^ or get hurt 😦

  7. Don’t die 😥

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