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    Leaders: Cannot be in another Army
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Who Still Checks This Site

Title says it all lol.



we won by one person just letting  smac know that we won

ps their’s demotions coming

pss i felt like putting this here

active count (must comment)

Well i have decided to have a active count because im wiping the ranks

cp name



also i have decided to ignore the night rangers  


So what happened yesterday true we took oyster by we only had three troops in that battle  and i pced like 5 more where you guys to busy with other armies to help us 🙄 

Invasion of Red Driller Army.

Edit: This is for promotions by the way.



TIME: 3:30 PM CST, 4:30 PM EST 9:30 GTM 8:30 AM AUS

PLACE: Oyster, Town


❗ Comment if you can come ❗

somethings we need done

Well it’s getting close to December and i have seen a few things that we need to do still

1. max 10+ at events

2. get a css and domain

3.a new chat background

4.get medium

5. anything else i forgot *wary*

3ic elections

Since we need a new 3ic,to help lead us to glory,we will be having a 3ic election. If you want to try out for 3ic,don’t be afraid just simply fill out this form,but remember anyone can run,in or not in the army. Good luck to the runners

1.Club Penguin name

2. EXP in other armies (dont say too many)

3.What time zone do you live in?

4. Will you be active,and not betray us?

5. Why should you be 3ic,and what will you do as 3ic?

Good luck for the winners!

-Owners of Fort Ghost Recon-