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Thank You

Now that Club Penguin and CP armies have come to a close, just wanted to say thank you to all of you for creating memories that will last forever… goodluck for the future everyone 🙂 (apart from you Furbur27 from RPF)



8 Responses

  1. No, thank you Fido. Thank you for bringing FGR back. I remember joining this army for the first time in 2011 being recruited by Elitesof and ranking up from lowest mod to leader. It was an honor to led this army and work with guys like you, Cool, Chrisi, Ice, Shad and others. This was a good army and I’m glad it wasn’t bought back for longer than a month after we shut down in 2012 because no other generation of FGR would’ve been more fun to be in than the 4th generation. So once more thank you Fido and a special thanks to everyone that joined FGR when we were alive you guys made every moment of this army being alive worth living.

    P.S. The current header is one of my favorite headers and it should never be changed lol.

  2. FGR will be my first and favorite army.

  3. I will never forget the time I had in the FGR between 2011-12. I made so many friends and FGR was probably my best experience outside of the UMA. I would like to thank everyone for making this army special; in my opinion FGR is the best S/M Army of All Time and it was only possible because of the people who joined the army.

    Goodluck for the future guys!

  4. I never thought filling out a 3ic application would have led to meeting all you awesome people,and all these great moments. We made the top ten on CPAC I believe three or four times,and established ourselves as one of the greatest medium armies of all time. It wasn’t much compared to bigger armies, but I still thought it was an amazing run.

    I would like to thank Coolster, Percy, Chrisi, Shad, Mazzy, Xmen, Goblin, Ghj, Cahillguy, and Kevin. You all were awesome people, and glad to have been in FGR in with.

    Also thank you Fido for the post. Didn’t know you well, but I would’ve liked to.

    Anyways thank you all for making FGR what it was. I wish we could’ve accomplished more, but what we created was still amazing regardless.

    PS: If any of you guys are reading this, I’d like to stay in touch if possible. I have a Snapchat, Skype,etc if you guys would like to. I’m on xat occasionally, and will check up on this comment if anyone wants to.

  5. I’m still waiting lol
    also, if anyone wants to add me, add me on Steam (my username is Mazzyandmilk).

  6. I know no one will probably read this, as I am several months late to this thread, but as the weird girl who made the shitty comedy posts, I can honestly say that I miss the times we spent together. Strangers-but-not-strangers from the internet, you all hold a special place in my mind and memory.

  7. Ah! I’ve just seen this post. I’ll echo everything that you have all said. The generation of FGR that we formed part of is perhaps the definitive and most successful generation of this army. I also had a lot of fun being a part of it, and it forms one of just three armies that I still feel attached to in what was a pretty damn long CP army career, and I think the fact I’m writing this so many months after the death of CP armies is a testament to that.

    Thank you to all of you, you’re all amazing people and I miss you greatly. Thank you for making this army such a great memory for me.

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