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Wth are you going on about?

Hello Recons

We are not dying. Failing at two events is nothing. We got 10 the day before, and it’s just a normal thing. You can’t get 10-15 all the time. There must be times when you fail. The leaders did not turn up to the event, so what? We attended all the other events, and we got a life, so shut up Elitesof. Yes, this is also directed to you. I am fed up of your interference’s in this army. It is useless. You don’t get us anywhere with it. We never have. No offence to Shad, but you know that argument between us back in September? It was stirred up by you. You never have faith in the leadership. You always hire people and tell them the others are inactive. You see, I know realize the problem was not with Shad, but with you. I remember a time you freaking threatened to hire someone to hack an innocent dude in an earlier generation because the army fell slightly due to him. This is not happening anymore. The influence of former leaders is not as strong as it was as before, as there are people who don’t know how to handle an army once they are retired. The only ones who are now trusted by this regime as advisers are Chrisi Blule, Fido1625 and Shad, for they don’t mess with the army like you do. I understand you created this army, but enough is enough, you can’t continue like this, your the one who messes everything up. We put 100% into this army as a leadership, and we do what we want, you understand? ‘Nuff said.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


3 Responses

  1. You should have added at the end who’s the b*tch now????? Ni seriously tho, this was more of a rant han anything else. Hell, i think we should take any help we can get.

    • What do you mean? We are 12th on the damn CPAC top ten, we got 10 at events only several days ago. There is no need for help from a former leader.

      • Your call coolster. I doubt were gonna here from him anymore anyway. Frankly, I think we have alot of inactuve troops on the ranks page so thats mt concern. And i have to call in sick for about a weej. School is almost over for me.

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