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    Leaders: Cannot be in another Army
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    Officer Ranks(Mods): 1 other Army and is able to be a leader of that Army
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With so many years of history within the Fort Ghost Recon, surely there should be a place to record famous achievements? That place is here.

Legendary Status

The only way to gain a legendary status is by having the majority of FGR vote you in, and that shall only happen if the army gets more than 15 at events, or if another legend gives you the position.

Below is the list of people with a legendary status:

  • Elitesof
  • Lordycody56
  • Shad
  • JustinBronze
  • Fido1625
  • Coolster114
  • Mo Mo1357
  • Percyjackson2
  • Chrisi Blule
  • Iceeblu101

The list is also on the Hall of Fame.

End Of Year Awards

Under Construction

Medal Of Honor

Only the leader or someone with a legend status can give you a medal of honor. This is rarely given out, and is only for those who have made a massive contribution to the army.

Recon Records

Most Medal’s Of Honor: N/A

Longest Serving Leader: Elitesof(36+ Months)

Longest Serving Leader In 1 Generation: Coolster114, G4, 8 Months, As Of May 2012.

Longest Serving 2nd In Command: MazzyandMilk, 12 Months, As Of May 2012.

Shortest War: NW Struggle, August 2012, 1 Day, As Of May 2012.

Warfare Records

Highest Position In The CPAC Legends Cup: Round 2, Summer of 2011.



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