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Current Diplomatic Relations With Other Armies

Mazzy: This takes up a lot of space, so I have added a Read More thing.

Hello Comrades

Well, it is important to strengthen your alliances with other armies, because if you don’t, and you get involved in a war, the forces you could have befriended might jump in, possibly killing you off. Now, we don’t want that to happen to us, do we? Therefore, I have discussed several things with other army leaders.

Below is the scale:

  1. Brother Allies
  2. Close Allies
  3. Allies
  4. Distant Allies
  5. Neutral
  6. Former Enemies
  7. Rivals
  8. Enemies
  9. Strong Enemies
  10. Historical Enemies

Underground Mafias Army- Brother Allies: We share Yukon and Summit with them, and I lead them as well. If they go into a war and need help, we will do whatever we can to support them.

Nachos-Close Allies: Past and present senior ranked soldiers were/are high ranked in them. Chrisi Blule, our Supreme Adviser, leads them, and Fido1625, creator of this generation, is a former leader in them.

Rebel Penguin Federation- Distant Allies: Our alliances with them were once strong, and we were brother allies, as our leaders also went on to lead them, or vice-versa. However, in recent times, that has changed, and not many soldiers are in them anymore. We will be trying to strengthen our ties with them.

Club Penguin Warriors- Allies: When they were larger, our alliances with them were strong. Considering two legendary leaders of our army are also legends in them, we will continue to keep up our friendship with the CPW.

S.W.A.T- Allies: Both, me and Percy, are owners in them, whilst Ice and Ad are 4ic’s. Therefore, they are decent allies, though we have not helped each other in a war situation, nor do we plan to. 

Doritos-Neutral: Well, we have not really done anything for each other, in the past, present, and probably not in the future.

Arctic Warriors- N/A-TBD

Light Troops- Neutral: I don’t think we will be allies with them in the long run, but not enemies either.

Ninjas- Rivals: The Ninjas rise, before falling. If they continue to maintain 15 at events, there could be a struggle between us and them to get into the top 10.

Army of Club Penguin- Neutral: The ACP are, as of now, neutral.

Golden Troops- Neutral: Just like the Army of Club Penguin, the GT are neutral.

Ice Warriors- N/A: TBD

Shadow Troops- Rivals: This army prove to be tough opposition for us, in terms of CPAC Rankings, so we need to keep things going, otherwise they will overtake us.

Pizza Warriors- N/A: TBD

Puffle Warriors- Former Enemies: We were once at war with them, when they were small, back in mid 2011. They were in a different generation then, though we are currently in the same one. I believe we won this war. Post-war, our diplomatic issues calmed down, and nothing has really happened between us since.

Metal Warriors- N/A: TBD

Watex Warriors- Former Enemies/Current Enemies: Diplomacy goes way back with the Watex Warriors. We fought with them in the Tundra Wars, and since, have faced each other in multiple battles, the last being in the summer of 2011, which we failed to win. Our defeat saw them rise, and we still need our vengeance.

Night Warriors- Enemies: In this generation, and only this one alone, we have fought in many wars, with several treaties having been agreed. We usually succeeded in taking Fog, and in fact, we were plotting of re-invading, only to find out that the Night Warriors died. Now, however, they are back.

If an army is listed as “N/A”, it means we will try to become their allies in the future, but as of now, they are neutral.

Please comment if you wish for your army to be added.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


One Response

  1. I think we should add GT to our allies list,due to I was leader for 3 days,and I was 2ic for about 8 months.

    Also you forgot to add Night Warriors to our enemy list.

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