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Retirement of Xmen from FGR

**Posted by Fido1625**

I am retiring from FGR, because I was useless, and I need more time for the Nachos before I retire for good. I would like to thank these people:

Percy- You were a great friend and introduced me to xat, I might see you in the nachos.

Coolster- You were a great leader, I hope to see you in the nachos.

Mazzy- You were a such loyal troop who was calm, I hope you get leader soon.

Ice- You were a great friend, you taught me the importance of recruiting when I was a noob I hope to see you again.



I earnt the rank co-leader, then eventually leader, and I started at the first rank, Private. I got fired because I didn’t finish my trial. I was also the 2nd best recruiter after Elitesof, Im leaving now. I hope FGR stays in the top ten.


7 Responses

  1. We will miss you, but dude, just stop saying your a former leader, because you were not, you were a trial leader.

  2. Why dont i get s thanks

  3. Goblin,I really did not know you that well.

  4. Goodbye Xmen. You were awesome.

    I hope someone day you will return to FGR. We will not forget you.

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