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Weeks events¦Reward System[Comment for recon points!]

!Leaders, Check The Private Post!

>>>Click here for super important post! Mods and higher must read<<<

Note:Expect pages( finished),and graphics to be updated by Friday.

Note: If you recruit at least two people,we ‘might’ have a power giveway,and promotions for everyone.(Highest mod,and owners do not count)

Greetings FGR.

Click ‘read more’ for the events of the week.

Tactic Session

When:Friday,May 11th

Where: TBD

➡ Times:

3:30 PST

4:30 MST

5:30 CST

6:30 EST

11:30 UK/GMT

❗ Comment if you can come ❗


Practice battle versus ___(To be decided)

➡ When:Saturday,May 12th

➡ Where:TBD

➡ Times:

11:30 PST

12:30 MST

1:00 CST

2:30 EST

7:30 UK

❗ Comment if you can come ❗


15+ is expected.

If you attend at least one of these events,you will be promoted!


Reward System

Also,we will soon be starting a reward system for attending events,and activeness. Something  like Medals,or SWAT’s ‘bullets’.

If you have any suggestions for what could be a name for these ‘rewards or medal’s’ should be called

Also don’t forget to  leave a comment below for your 2 recon points!.(Click here for information)

Back in Black

-Iceeblue101,FGR Leader


9 Responses

  1. I have a 75 % chance of coming to both. It depends if I go out of town,or not.

  2. I can make the TS.

  3. can makes both

  4. I don’t know of the PB, but yes, for the TS.

    • When I was selecting a new leader following Shad’s retirement, I thought up of Recon Points. It should contribute to promotions, but not promotions itself, because the ranks above may be full.

  5. Recon Coins!
    Ghost Medals!

    1) Maybe.
    2) Probably

  6. 1 maybe
    2 yes

  7. can’t get on chat

  8. cant read the owners post …

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