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|Recon Points|Rules to Follow|Senate|

Coolster’s Edit: Dude, No senate. What’s the point when we already have a decent government? And also, you probably already decided this, but if not, the Recon Points should be reset at the start of every month.

Mazzy: Fixed.

Ice edit: Adster I have to un-sticky this. We need troops to see the events.This post is pretty much covering up the event post. I hope you don’t mind this.

Hi All, Adster your leader here.

You probably have heard that we are Number Ten on CPAC and that is good but we can do better.  It is not our goal to get Number 10 then give. Lets shoot for higher. Now on to recon points:

 Recon Points:

The name Recon Points was made by Coolster and I am endorsing it. This is just like Swats “Bullet” system so you should be familiar with it. For every event you attend you get a certain amount of RP(Recon Points) The more active you are the more RP you get. Below states the amount of RP you get for each event:

  • 15 recon points for Defenses,
  • 10 recon points for battles,
  • 10 recon points for Wars,
  • 7 recon points for PB’s,
  • 2 recon points for commenting(So Comment a lot!)
  • 4 recon points for raids
  • 12 recon points for Tournaments
  • For every person you get to join(They must comment on the Join page and be somewhat active.),you  will get 10RP.

When you get 75RP you will be promoted(Not for top Mods or higher.)

New Rules:

Yes it can be good as a troop to be in an army that is in the Top 10 but it can also mean more work. If you are a Moderator or higher you should be commenting on every post and be on chat a lot. If you can’t make an event, it is your job to inform a leader the reason why you will be gone.

If you are a mod or higher and DO NOT COMMENT on 3 or more important posts you will be possibly demoted. The reason were doing this is not to be mean to you but to help you be a better troop. If you are a mod or higher you have responsibility so don’t waste it. You should try to be the best you can be. And honestly, how hard is it to comment on posts. It takes about 30 seconds(And you get recon points from it,so why not!)


We, FGR will be starting a senate. If you are Mod Rank or higher in this army you can apply for Senate. You May wonder what the senate is and why should I join so I will explain it to you.

The Senate is a group of about 5 troops(Mod or higher) that are called Senators. They will have meetings on different discussions and ideas. The Senates Job is too make decisions for our army(FGR) that will help us excel and improve. The Leaders do not know everything troops want or don’t want so we have a group of 5 senators vote on certain topics.

Now after you know what the senates job is you are probably wondering what’s in it for me. Well the answer to that is simple.  You get to represent this army and help make decisions for it.  So if you would like to apply for a job as a senator(Must be mod or higher) comment with the criteria below filled out:

  1. Name:
  2. Rank in FGR:
  3. Experience:
  4. Why would you be a good Senator?

Good Luck to all! Results will be posted on Saturday or Sunday(Ice edit)

(Sorry that I didn’t ask you about this Coolster.)

-FGR Leader, Adster


7 Responses

  1. […] >>>Click here for super important post! Mods and higher must read<<< […]

  2. Sounds awesome. Hope you guys like these new reward points,and new updates.

  3. Great stuff with the Recon Points, but dude, just drop the Senate, we already have a decent government… And besides, it’s an army, not some national thing. The last time we introduced a Senate it led to turmoil.

  4. Oh thank you! I really had no idea what a senate was before this post. -.-

  5. Crazy
    low mod
    golds 3ic elite mod water raiders mod shadowtroops highest mod
    golden troops highest mod nachos member acp member dw higrst mod
    puffle warriors mod and artic warrriois
    the reason i should be chosen is because im a loyal troop i always be active and i always show up in events and i am experience so if you pick me i will be actiuve

  6. Question: If i use my friends abandonded accounts does that count as a recruit?

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