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Coolster(2): ?…

Iceeblue101 edit:I added some things in. Your welcome 🙂 . Also please don’t delete it,Coolster…

Coolster’s Edit: Okay, maybe we did not max two full chats and 22, but we still got 15, and a full chat, unscheduled. I am shocked. Keep this up.

Hello FGR!

Yes we are back!

Today we went on Club Penguin for a unscheduled event. We have proved that the FGR are ‘back in black‘,and won’t be cooling down anytime soon.

Click ‘read more’ to view the rest of the post.

Nice job to everyone who showed up.

We maxed about 22 on this event and had almost two full chats. If you showed up be sure to comment for a possible promotion(Everyone below highest mod rank). If we keep this up we will have no problem rising to the top!

-Coolster’s Pics are below:



Size[10/10]:Our size was epic. After a streak of bad events,we manged to turn it around,and prove that we are still a powerhouse. I hope to see more of these sizes like this

Tactics[7/10]: Our tactics were not bad,but weren’t good either. We had trouble forming simple lines. We were not doing tactics  together,and had slow reactions. We will have to improve on our tactics in the future.

Chat size[10/10]: Our chat size was epic. We had around 20 on chat throughout the event. At time we had more on chat then some large and medium armies. I am impressed with our chat size.

Overall[8.5/10]: Overall we did awesome. We would’ve had a perfect if it weren’t for our tactics. Besides our tactics we had a good event. I hope to see more events like this,but with better tactics.

Thanks for the epic event! Also don’t forget to comment for a possible promotion!

‘Back in black’

-Adster,Coolster114,and Iceeblue101-


5 Responses

  1. No, you guys had one full chat + 3. = 1 full chat and 3/16. But good job FGR, any ways!

  2. I came! Awesome event guys! :mrgreen:

    -Iceeblue101,FGR Leader.

  3. Good job guys! This will be our first step in rising again.

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