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Time to get serious.

First note, sorry if im a little off. Im using an iphone.

Well, im back. For those of you who dont know me, i was recruted a while back into fgr by lsund, who has now left. I rose up the ranks with my dashing good looks, incredable personality, and amazing charm. And got to 2ic then due to technical difficulty( my grades were crap) i had to leave. But now im back! And i want to restore fgr to its former glory and much more. One problem, we have 3-5 active troops. All owner rank. Being a leader means nothing unless we have troops. Wait, wait, Active troops. So step one, we recruit. So heres my concept. Everyone including leaders will recruit an active troop- I cannot stress active enough- resulting in a doubleing in our size. We will continue to do this. And if your new recruit becoms inactive its on you. This isnt an organizied opperation. Its a mere suggestion to increase size.

Good luck on whatever


6 Responses

  1. Wow. That guy seems like a talented genius. Hes amazing!!!!

  2. Woop Goblin 😀

  3. i cant recruit people im not forceful

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