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The King of Kings

Hello FGR
If you didn’t know, my laptop is messed up which means I have no way to get on chat or CP. Well, this weekend I will be getting it fixed hopefully. Which means, I will be returning! How long will I be back? Until I retire permanently.

For those that don’t know who I am, I am Shad. I joined this army last year when Elitesof saw me on chat and gave me leader. I helped him lead this army to the top ten then later on I lead this army again to the top ten 3 other times. Anyways, I am posting this through my iPhone and its 5:50 a.m. So Hopefully I will be back soon.
~The King of Kings~


One Response

  1. You did not lead FGR to the top 10 3 times, you were a 2ic during one of them, but yeah, who cares about what I just said, lol.

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