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Dear fellow recons, OP:Z has commenced. Before explaining what I mean by this, I must state that Kevin has gone for a while, to lead the RPF(for two months), and that several others have left. According to my calculations, we have about only 8 people who attend events regularly, while others choose when to.

Anyways, Operation Z. This is a last resort plan, only to be used when we are lacking in numbers, such as now. It’s about risks. Do whatever you can to recruit. We will be having excessive amounts of raiding chats, to get people to join. Do whatever you can, just get a whole bunch of people to join. We will be having 7-8 people per moderator rank(just like SWAT), once they are all full, we will be back to our true numbers. Trust me, do this correctly, and we will succeed. If your a owner, just give your recruit any moderator rank, just get them to join. We only will care about the ranking of the new troop if they are given owner, which, unless the leader states otherwise, should not happen.

Nuff’ Said.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


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