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What the hell has happened? Give me an overview.

–Mazzy on his new iPad 3G

Also, I can’t get on chat.


11 Responses

  1. The guy who owned the new site raged at the fact it was handed over to us. It originally belonged to the Elite Romans, though I believe the owner(Spiff) was unaware that IT claimed it once the ER died. It’s unfortunate that when we moved, it was stated that only the Elite Romans can use it.

    • Damn right I raged. Also, I am fully aware that they changed to IT. The reason why I let them use it is because I didnt think they would be sellouts and hand over my site to another army that only wants it for its domain.

      Think of it this way: If someone was borrowing, say, your xbox and sold to someone else, how would you feel?

      • Except for the fact that you never “play” on your xbox and they didn’t really “borrow” it, they more of “bought” it. Also, you don’t have to pay for a net.tf domain… so it was just an unused site like lgtarmy.

      • How were we meant to know that you felt that way? You could have stated in advance that IT could not give the site away, but you did not.

      • Plus, we never got it for it’s domain. The domain was something that was stopping us from moving, not making us.

      • @Mario Doesnt mean I want it given away without my permission.

        @Coolster The computer was having problems while this was happening. And if thats the case with the domain, why would you want it? Why not make another site. Because other then that your point is invalid. All it has is a domain.


  3. :0 I’m on my iPad too

  4. I have the new iPad too, wooo ipad club :mrgreen:

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