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Declaration Of War*Mandatory Invasions*

Cahill’s edit: I added NZST and AEDT times.

Ice edit: If you do not comment,and  fail to show up you will be demoted,unless some kind of tragic event came up all of a sudden. Coolster I hope you agree to this.

Hello FGR.

I am sorry for the defacing. It was my fault, I forgot to un-editor Benjarkin after I banished him for rebelling at several other decisions. He is to be banished forever, as he has done this multiple times in the past. He also attempted to merge us. This is not the only army he attempted to attack, he wanted vengeance on me for apparently overlooking him when Ice and Xmen became leaders. Therefore, he tried to do the same to the Club Penguin Warriors.

The Deadly Mafia. This is the army that are to be blamed. Benjarkin leads them, and their site got defaced. He got his revenge on us, now its our turn. Our enemies were created days ago, but they have a lot of new recruits, mainly stolen from the other army I led. So now we do have a decent opponent. My fellow comrades, we must avenge ourselves. Together, as a group, regardless of the arguments we have recently had, we must bring justice. Armies are not about ranks, but it seems the culprit thinks it is. Let’s prove him wrong.

Invasion of Yukon*Wednesday*

This is their capitol. We need at least 15.

10.30 PM UK

5.30 PM EST

4.30 PM CST

3.30 PM MST

2.30 PM PST

9.30 NZST

7.30 AEDT

Half Pipe*Thursday*

Their vice-capitol. 

10.30 PM UK

5.30 PM EST

4.30 PM CST

3.30 PM MST

2.30 PM PST

9.30 NZST

7.30 AEDT

Invasion of Big Surf*Thursday*

I don’t know why they claim it, but we will still invade.

11.00 PM UK







We will avenge the loss of our history.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


10 Responses

  1. I cant come to all,I have Soccer Practice.Dont demote me!

  2. coolster nicely done my friend … the outcome MUST be a win to us

  3. I can get the pages back, however they might be a bit outdated

  4. I should be able to come to all

  5. To be honest, I don’t really have much idea if I can come to any. I guess the answer is probably, but I may not be at some.

  6. I’m not sure, it seems quite late…

  7. I could maybe come to the first one, but I might be a bit late. The other ones I should be able to attend.

  8. I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I won’t be back until Monday, so sorry I can’t come to any of them.

  9. GH CAN’T COME DUE TO CRAZY PARENTS THAT WON’T LET HER GO ON CP AND XAT. ;O Sorry, I just had to write that so that I wouldn’t get demoted in an army that I’m not currently in (that I’m aware of).

  10. I made them all :O

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