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Alright FGR,

If you haven’t noticed, I am Shad/Sc4r Whatever you wanna call me and all the leaders have agreed to let me be your Leading Advisor which basically means that when I’m on chat or an event I’m a leader. That way I can still help you guys out and I can still be inactive. If I can make an event I will be there and help you out.

Anyways now to the main point of this post.

I have noticed alot of crap about people and leadership and people demanding a higher rank and blah blah blahness. Now to the point. You have to diserve the higher rank. You don’t get it by demanding. You have to WORK for it and be active and loyal. Ya, you might have experiance in other armies or might have lead a major army or whatever. That doesn;t mean you get a high rank. You have to diserve it and be active. If you want that rank then work harder. And I’m gonna talk to all the leaders about a set rule that I’ve been tryin’ to put in place when I use to lead. What it is only being in 2-3 armies that way you can be more active.

Now just because your a member/mod DOESN’T mean you cant help out during events. You can give ideas to the leaders and help bring people on chat and on cp. If you are active enough and loyal enough and an outstanding mod/member we might let you lead an event! So don’t worry about rank or rank on chat! Now on if you ask or demand a rank then you WILL get the opposite!

Leadership is not about power, it’s about helping maintain an army and helping it grow. It’s a responsibility! You have to be able to lead an event and maintain a chat and keep it in order. It’s also about helping others on chat if they want help. Because believe it or not, lower ranks look up to their leaders and other high ranks. Anyways that’s all for now, and remember, I AM watching…

~He/who controls others may be powerful~

~but he/who helps others is mightier still~



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  1. Awesome.

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