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Operation Recruiting

Guys I know that we have great recruiters,but we need the Mods to recruit.Mostly,all the Owners recruit.Since,we have the massive Medium Army PB with armies including Pirates.I think we should have a mass recruiting.Also we have a Invasion of Rainbow,I want lots of people to come,this will be for Shad’s Retirement and what Shad has done for FGR.Also I need lots of UK to come to these events because we need some UK Presence.

P.S. This is 82 words

Xmen FGR 2ic-Signing Off


5 Responses

  1. Dude… I already made this post…

  2. You said UK Presence

  3. Putting aside the two comments above, I agree. We should also have more tactic sessions (so we won’t get dissed by Chrisi again).

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