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Moderators/Owners Review: April 2012

Hello FGR

Promotion day is nearing. I know that we had one two weeks ago, but that was because a lot of changes were required. From now on, we will have a Moderators/Owners Review before promotion day.

Green shows that that certain person is currently safe from being demoted.

Black shows that that certain person is not safe, nor in danger, at this current moment.

Orange shows that that certain person is currently in danger of being demoted.

Red shows that that certain person is likely to be fired.

Blue shows that that certain person is in contention of gaining a promotion.

If you get a red, your fired, and if you get orange for two months in a row, the same thing will happen to you.

Owner’s Review

Mazzyandmilk- You are doing well, and I do believe that this is one of your most active months in ages. However, I cannot give you a promotion, as you are a second in command.

Xmen23- Dude, you are a great recruiter, but please do not exaggerate. You also consistently ask for leader, the same thing I told you to work on in the last review. Yet, you are on chat more often, so I do see an improvement.

Cahillguy- Great loyalty, and you are active. I am sorry the timings are bad for you, I will try to make some suitable for you. Anyways, keep up the good work!

Benjarkin- You have attended some event’s since you were promoted to a second in command. I do, though, wish you were on chat more often, as in, whenever you are on XAT. Apart from that, great job!

B Batman3-  Excellent improvement since the last review. You are more active, and attend most events. I just hope your effort does not drop.

Mariosatr- There is one word to describe you. Inactive. Nah, just kidding, your actually quiet active-possibly the most. In almost every event, I see you there.  

Aerwghy- Since you only recently returned, I cannot really assess you. You have been active, so keep up the good work.

Kerouaz- I don’t see you on FGR’s chat that much, apart from events. However, like Aer, I cannot really assess you, because you have just been promoted to a 3rd in command.

Moderator’s Review

Rawkinman- Dude, where did you go?!? In the past two weeks, you have only shown up to one event, out of about six. You did tell me you were going to be inactive, but you have since come out of that era of time, and yet, you are not active enough. Please do change this. I won’t demote you for now, as I trust this can change.

Johnnylumber- You joined recently, but you have not attended any events. As you are new, I am letting you off, just this once.

Robbybobby- You just returned, so, I cannot assess you, as we have not any events since.

Flappy112- I never see you on our chat, though, at times, you are on other ones. You were once a great, loyal and active soldier. In recent times, that has changed, and therefore, you are fired.

Gary19513- On chat a fair amount of the time. You have attended the only event we have had since you joined, so please remain active.

Bionclex- Your always online during an event, but your not on our chat. You never are. Only once, I must admit, have I seen you on it, and that was like a month ago. Your demotion will be serious.

Cgpepin9- Your a new recruit, thus you cannot be assessed this time. Hopefully, you will be active.

Dogboy1024/SorryAbouThat– Activity is still high, but your personal standards has dropped. I do not see you at event’s any more, which must change.

Snowbud332- Your fired. Nothing else to say.

Jasiux- It’s rare to see you attending events.

Rohan- Active by a decent amount, yet, you do not attend events. 

Joker- You retired, and now you are back. Do be active this time around.

78562cool- You were fired last month for inactivity. Your lucky to have been able to return, and that’s only because the CPA merged into us.

Infernaype- We may be good friends, but that does not mean that I will let you off with inactivity in the FGR. Your online regularly.. Never on chat… So… We will have to wait till next month.

Kjscraw13- We live in different time zone I believe, and you joined only last week, so I cannot really assess you.

Dunnydecker- All I can say is that your fired.

Venom4324- Get active.

Pahi8- You got an orange last time. Therefore, your fired, for another one this time.

Well, overall, you guys did better than last time, but, as a unit, we must improve. I’m happy with the ownership, but not with the moderatorship. Prove to me that both are quality.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


10 Responses

  1. Best time for me to come to events is 7:00pm EST.

  2. Thanks Coolster

  3. Rawkinman is very busy. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Sorry, i have been doing stuff during events, and i am gonna try to be at them from now on

  5. How can you fire somebody for not being active… why not just demote them?

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