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Weekend Events

Hello FGR

We have two events this week. I am expecting 10+ in both, and massive recruiting to be occurring. Our tactics, as in emotes and words, are alright, but our lines are at times too crowded. We need to spread out more. It made us look smaller in the invasion of Glacier, when we were equal at one point. We will be working on this.

Saturday  31st March 2012*Massive Free-For-All PB*


Server: Shiver

Room: Docks

7:00pm UK

2:00pm EST

1:00pm CST

12:00pm MST

11:00am PST

5:00am AUS

Invasion Of Rainbow-Sunday*Mandatory*-FOR SHAD

This is for Shad. Rainbow was the first server we ever had in this generation, but other armies claimed it and we eventually gave it up to an opposition side in a war in exchange for peace, though we dominated those battles. I do hope Shad can attend this-if he does, he can lead it, as it is probably his final event. Everyone is encouraged to attend, even if you are not in FGR, because, as mentioned before, if Shad comes, it may be his final event. If we succeed in invading this server, it will be within state 1 of the F.G.R.E

7:30pm UK

2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST

12:30pm MST

11:30am PST

5:30am AUS

Remember the European event tomorrow, it is to strengthen our non-US power.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


9 Responses

  1. I can make both

  2. I can come

  3. I will probably make both.

  4. I….probably can’t….D: I have my B-day party at that time….): Sorry guys….

  5. Can’t make any because of more bad timings for me.

  6. Can you put the time 2 hours ahead? Im expecting a very, very small chance you will accept.

  7. I will be at both, Sir, if i don’t attend any demote me, because i have missed over 20 of them

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