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Shad aka SC4R Retirement from CP Armies

Hello FGR,

I am sad to say that today March 28th of 2012 I am retiring from all CP Armies. I have left behind a great legacy and this army, FGR, has been my most successful army I have lead and the greatest army I have lead and I am proud to be a former leader of it. Now here is a list of just a few armies I have been in:

Freedom Fighters(2006-2007 1st army I lead and created)

The Golds(2008)

Shadow Troops(2009-2011; 2012)

Universal Marines of CP(2009-2011 Second Successful army I lead and created)

Watex Warriors(2010-2012)

Sun Troops(2011)

Black Panthers(2010)

Elites[2010, 2011, 2012(too many different generations I have been in)]



Alpha Troops of Club Penguin(2009-2010)

FGR(2011-2012(as Leader))


That’s just a few I have been in, but I have been in many more.

Now here are a few people that have helped create my army legacy and I would like to say thank you too.

Wyoskyguy-Bro what can I say? Your my broski and the one who has motivated me to keep going and one of the best leaders I know.

Coolster-Bro, we may have had a fight but that didn’t stop our awesome friendship. I’m sorry I left FGR after you cam back.

Xmen-I don’t know why I’m putting you on this list but you are a really good soldier and recruiter. I can say that if you stay that way and work on your post’s and loyalty to one army and all that, I promise you will gain greatness and become a great leader.

Ghj-I don’t know if you will see this or not, but I HAVE to put you up here, without you, I probably would have left a long time ago. You were a great soldier and great leader. I wish I could have seen you before you left but if you see this…143…

Nots-I deffinatly know you won’t see this but you WERE a great friend before you became a b!*h and you were a great leader also.

Wolf-You were a great friend and leader

Robo-You were a great soldier and if you stayed with cp warfare you would probably be a great legend man.

Austin-Bro, what can I say man? We lead Alpha Troops together with Storm. We had a great ride as CP Army pals. We were in alot of the same armies together till you left. Bro, I wish you luck in all you do.

Storm-Same with Austin. Even when you mysteriously dissapeared.

PercyJackson2-You are a great leader as long as you stay active in FGR and try to keep all your attention to this army. Please help Coolster rise FGR into greatness and don’t let it fail. I will be keeping an eye on this army and may return if I need to.

Fluffeh!-Bro you are a great leader and soldier. I wish you luck.

Holo2-You were the best friend and one of the few I can trust man. I wish you luck in whatever army/ies you lead. I hope they become successful.

Ice-You were a soldier in UMCP and now becoming a legend. I am proud of you bro I wish you luck in the future.

Commando993-Bro tbh you were my mentor when I was in Shadow Troops. I’m glad you were my leader and I looked up to you as a soldier even though Im way older than you xD but seriously, you were. Hey that time we raided the Emo chat I will never forget man! I wish you luck.

Vetsd-We may be great friends at one point then worst of enemies at another, but you are a good friend when we are.

Now I could keep going on and on with this but I got to end this sometime. Now the reason for leaving is because I have no time for this anymore. I’ve got a great life and a great gf now. I have to spend time with her and I’ve gotta spend time with my family and focus on school. Just remember FGR I WILL be checking up on this army and if I see it falling again, I will return with coolster and repair this army. If I have to do this, there will be no games and I will be angry. I hope you guys with best of luck.

Also, remember. If you are loyal to FGR, you will be active, if you are active in FGR, that means you get a promotion and FGR becomes more successful. If you recruite, you may get a promotion for every recruite you get, if you recruite and people join, FGR becomes big. Guys, remember this army is yours, make every second count. Coolster isn’t just here because he wants to be, he is here for you. Remember the only way FGR is gonna rise is through you guys. You guys are the backbone, you guys are what makes the army rise or die. The leaders are only here to provide you guys with purpose, motivation, and direction. They may be tough, they may be fun, either way, they act that way because they care. I see a huge future with you guys and believe with all this, you could be bigger, badder, and better than ACP. Elitesof didn’t create this army to see it fail, he did it to see it become a success!

~FGR, this is your time to rise, make every second count!~

-I will say my final goodbye to CP Warfare on Friday on FGR/CPR chat-


9 Responses

  1. Goodbyyyyeeee, Shad.

  2. 😦 You will be missed A LOT Shad. Please remember that you are welcome to return to the FGR at any time. Bye for now…

  3. You will always be remembered Shad. We will miss you.

  4. No me? 😦 Shad your awesome, I’ll miss you a lot 😦

  5. […] having a 2 day Retirement party at http://xat.com/shadsgate and you can find my retirement post at https://fortghostreconofcp.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/shad-aka-sc4r-retirement-from-cp-armies/#more-467… The party ends on Friday. Please don’t let this CPR Legacy end. Stay Strong and become and […]

  6. I’m going to miss you Shad… And yes, I am still reading the site. I’m out of my (second) retirement due to me STILL sucking at being retired. I tried shoving every part of xat and CP out of my life, and it made me really sad. But, I hope that before you go, we can talk for a bit. 😦 Going to miss you!

  7. Shad you have been a good friend 🙂 i will see you sometime in the future if you coem on to visit but if not o well. Nice knowing you ;(

  8. thanks shad for everything you have did for me. Hope to see you again in the future ;(

  9. Bye Shad ;(

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