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No offence, but…

Eugh, I feel really pessimistic here, ok our size has been good, but quite honestly, from what I’m seeing in our pictures, our tactics have been terrible, what’s the point of having a good size, if your tactics are going to be bad? Come on guys, really? At a Nacho Divsions practice battle, I was leading the Jalapeño division, we had a size of 5, (the other a size of 15, so it wasn’t a bad event), quite honestly, me and those 4 other people would destroy  FGR in a battle at the minute, yes FGR would have the superior size, but me and my little divisions tactics would be amazing, we were making pentagons, circles, squares, dots around the room, and most importantly of all, our tactics were on time,  that is the most important factor in tactics, being on time.

Now I honestly do not know why you guys are performing bad tactics, maybe you guys are just bad at taking pictures, I doubt that, unfortuntely.

What looks better?


Or, this? >.<

And considering that was the only tactic I could find?

If you said the top one, then grab yourself a sticker, if you said the bottom one, please apply to the nearest psychiatrist for your head checked.

Your wonderful advisor,

~Chrisi Blule



10 Responses

  1. Okay, number 1…

    1. Whats the point in making a post if you are just critizice us in our tactics?

    2. The second picture, we had a full line, I ordered that tactic and we definetly got a full line.

    3.You arent a ”wonderful” advisor, you start blaming people on a simple thing as tactics but not help?

  2. Dude, you do realize that this pic was taken after the tactic? I barely take pics of tactics.

    • That was one tactic, I mean ONE. The rest were really good therefore I do not see the point in the post.

      • I was pointing at the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any tactics occuring at all, due to the lack of pictures of them, start taking more pics…? And Aerwghy, you should have actually read it properly “And considering this was the only tactic that I could find?”.

      • You edited that in 😆

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