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Sasquatch Is Still Ours

The war has been called off. The Fort Ghost Recon and the Icy Troops are now at peace. Good job loyal FGR soldiers, we got a bunch of new recruits during these battles.

Hello FGR

Battle 3 of the war between us and the Icy Troops was not even close(until the end). They claim we did not do any tactics, but we did. Anyways, let the pictures do the talking(IT averaged 5, Maxed 10 whilst we averaged 8, and maxed 9). But, due to their late recovery, we have agreed on a draw, and Sasquatch is still ours.


Pre battle




10 On chat




9-9(With rouges in both armies-one of IT’s troops was under us)

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


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