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Our Reply To IT

Hello All

You all by now know that we are at war with the Icy Troops due to the acts of Iceeblu101 who is not admitting what he did, although he was caught. Another one of their leaders has created a post directly to us, stating that I am a tyrant and am stealing troops from them. This is our reply to them.

Let me begin with the fact that I have mentioned several times before. I am making all the decisions in this war with my senior comrades, which to be precise, are the owners. I have the full backing of the owners, so don’t expect them to overthrow me, because I never suggested firing Ice and declaring war on you guys, I agreed. The only reason the posts are from me is because the others don’t want to bother posting(not in a bad way).

Now, lets reply to your first point. This was very amusing for me. SorryAbouThat AKA Dogboy1024 was in the FGR before IT. We were his first army, he never joined any other up till this point. He left the Icy Troops a week before the war, as he was one of those who Ice recruited on main chat(I saw this when everyone was offline, and it was the situation which I thought was a one-off). The only reason he kept the image was because he thought it looked cool. In fact, he wanted FGR to create one. So yh, we are not stealing troops from you, which, would be a silly thought because Ice’s case is much different, he was high ranked up in us.

Moving on to the other point. You do realize that in a war you have to be on one side? Besides, the reason we will fire anyone who helps IT is because they unlawfully recruited these people from us, and half of them are inactive in us now anyways.

You call me a tyrant to my own people, just because I am apparently threatening those who have betrayed us? Get your facts right. A tyrant is someone who tortures the people who are in his nation(in this case, army). None of the people I have fired were active in us. Besides, i’m not even threatening them, i’m telling them to choose a side.

That’s all.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


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