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Fido1625: The Recreator

Fido1625 will never be forgotten for his hard work to revive this army to it’s glory.

During sometime in the April of 2011, Fido1625, a Nacho veteran at the time, recreated the Fort Ghost Recon. Little did he know that they would once more dominate CP warfare, and in such a short time. Within a week of our return, we were placed in the Small Top 10 of both, SMAC and CPAE, with numbers of 6. He soon managed to get us to numbers of 10, before leaving after the deletion of our pages and posts by Furbur27.

About two weeks later, Fido returned. However, Red Dude877, the soldier who previously led alongside him, had gone. Coolster114 was his replacement, with Chrisi Blule taking the rank of Fido1625 until he came back. Now, together, the two leaders saw the Fort Ghost Recon recover from a hacked state. From 3 men, the army rose, and by May they got 8. War’s with rising armies occurred often, such as the one with the Puffle Warriors, which we won. Very soon, we were medium, with 10-12 attending at events.

Elitesof, our original founder, came out of retirement in late May. He hired Shad to lead alongside the other 3 leaders, thus leaving us with a total of 4 commanders. In June, we, the underdogs, defeated the Water Vikings in the first round of the CPAC Legends Cup(A tournament for high medium-large armies). Surprisingly, we had a huge turnout, with 20-25 people. In the next round, despite the hard work of Fido, we only got 15, and were knocked out by the marvelous Club Penguin Green Team. Luckily, our results in the first round made us the 10th best army by the end of the cup.

July was a month of struggle for some. Fido failed to stay as active, though he tried his best. We maintained numbers of 10-15, but that was not good enough for us. Elitesof’s retirement put us under heavy pressure, but we survived. The leader’s that took his place were useless, and soon got banished for treacherous acts.

Shad left, and so did Skipper1090, a valuable 2ic. Fido, though, gathered the remaining troops, and used them to recover the Fort Ghost Recon. We once more got 15, though he did not attend the events to lead them.

September marked the end of Fido1625’s time in the FGR. Many disputes were bursting out, and he needed to concentrate on his first army, the Nachos. His inactivity was also another factor of which made him leave. For 1 month, FGR did not get into any top 10, even though you can state that this was because of the disputes within the FGR.

Even today, Fido1625 has an impact. He keep’s the site’s graphics in check, and advises us. No one has ever been like him.


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  1. Who’s Fido1625? Never heard of him. Jk jk :3

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