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IT Will Fall!

Hello FGR

The Icy Troops will fall. Just quit them, Ice used us to recruit all of you guys. Wake up. Honestly, it’s as if your being bribed. Your going inactive in us just because Iceeblu101 offers you higher ranks in another army? That is certainly not loyalty to us. Your breaking the trust of the leaders, and eventually, you will suffer. We give you all one last chance. Leave the Icy Troops for good and support us in this war. You will earn promotions, look at Mariosatr and Benjarkin, they got 3ic in the matter of a month, though they both started out as lowest mod. They earned it by being loyal, unlike many of you. We were rising, until this bribery occurred. Ice show’s no guilt, and he must pay for his betrayal of us. Don’t make the same happen to you.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader



6 Responses

  1. I never stole troops,lol. Ben,and sorry asked me if they could join,and Kevin,and Bion joined on their own. Ben also lied about me telling him to join IT for a higher rank. This is false because Ben is a lower rank in IT,and is a higher rank here.

  2. I was already in IT before all the ‘bribing’ happened, and FGR always was, is and still will be my top priority.

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