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Hard Fought Lose

Coolster: We dominated the first 15 minutes, and up till the last 10 we were kind of equal in size, but after that we fell apart despite a bigger chat size than them. Keep this up FGR, because to be honest, a lot of new people are coming in, whilst we have lost many to IT, so the result was not bad. Anyway’s I inserted the pics.

Mazzy: One day. ONE DAY. And Blizzard? Yes we will.

Xmen: Guys,we did an excellent job,but IT did great too.At town,we had 12+ with perfect tactics,IT had 6+ with okay tactics.In Forts,we maintained to keep our 12+ size and perfect tactics,but IT had 11+ with superb tactics.At Plaza,we were even.At Dock and Cove,we fell apart after people had to leave.After,we lost our size,Percy surrendered because the lack of size and accurate tactics.I felt we could win this.Don’t forget Invasion of Blizzard tommarow!We have to win Blizzard.One day we will get Glacier.


Battle begins(IT have 2 on)

Battle begins(13 On chat)

We move to the snow forts, and are dominating.

11 on Cp for us, they have 9.

12 for us, 7 for them.

We move to the Plaza, where we average 10, and they have 8.

Chat size mid-battle

Chat size mid-battle

We moved to the Docks, where the battle is equal, 10 each, before moving to the Cove, where we max 8, and they, at their best, get 12.

We have 9, they have 12.

At the end, a lot of us had to go, and others lost connection, whilst they did not have any problems. We were left with 4 on CP, but 14 on chat. Though they had a smaller chat size, and we dominated until that point, we had to surrender. The Icy Troops defeated us in the first battle of the war.


-Coolster114, Xmen23 and Mazzyandmilk


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