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The Results+Several Things

Hello FGR

Decent results, poor tactics. We averaged 15 on chat, but people were AFKing, etc.. At the end, we got the same numbers on CP, but I got disconnected, so I could not take a pic, and I believe no one else was able to do so either.

Before the battle-13 people(+2 offline, so 15)

beginning of the battle-10.

14-mid battle(+2 offline, so 16)

14-mid battle

10-mid battle

12-mid battle

Like I said before, I could not take any pics from the end, in which we got 15.

Recruiting+Several other stuff

Please do not recruit on our chat, even if you are on the FGR, because regardless of your rank, you will be punished if you are caught. Also, please do not choose which events to attend, unless you actually cannot them. We could be getting 20 at the moment, but because if this, we don’t. At the same time, be aware of whats going on during an event whilst your on chat, as we have had problems with this recently.

War may be declared on the Underground Mafias Army, for they are invading Walrus and Frostbite in order to expand their nation, whilst those servers are in State 1 of the F.G.R.E. If they successfully claim it, we shall retaliate. Along with this, we are against the Club Penguin Crew and several other armies, following our alliance with the Icy Troops(Led by Iceeblu101), the Pizza Warriors and the Slime Vikings(I am a 2ic in them). Yet, we have not scheduled any invasions. Just be aware that we may suddenly raid one of the oppositions servers.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


One Response

  1. Just a suggestion, I think we should ‘invade’ Pine Needle from CPC because we have it on our server list, but so do they.

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