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Forthcoming Events

Shad Edit: I have made a chat for you guys http://xat.com/FGRCP Because nobody really knows the pass and someone changed it. Anyways, Coolster, Perce has the pass for the chat.

Hello FGR

The time when the UK’s clocks will go forward is nearing, and thus a time when we can plan events on weekdays that are suitable for many is ending. I wish to take full advantage of the rare time gap between the EST and GMT, which, for the past two weeks, has been four hours. Therefore, we will have a whole load of events, so prove to me that you deserve your ranks.

Clearance Of Walrus(Tuesday)*15 Expected-Mandatory*

4:00 PM EST

3:00 CST

2:00 PM MST

1:00 PM PST

8:00 PM GMT/UK

Increasing The Awareness Of Us Within Summit*8 Expected*


7:00 PM GMT+2

6:00 PM GMT+1

5:00 PM GMT

Icy Troops vs FGR(Saturday)*18+ Expected-Mandatory*

 2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM PST

6:00 PM GMT

Tundra, Forest

The Icy Troops event is the most important, we can pull off an upset following our poor numbers in the first round(7-9). However, it is possible that we can win, with 15+ on chat yesterday, and a further 5 on other chats, not able to come on ours due to various events in other armies. If we get the same number on Saturday, we could be in the quarter-finals!

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


10 Responses

  1. First two: I will be at school.
    IT vs. FGR: It will be 7:00am NZ, so I can’t attend. Sorry.

  2. Why is it FGR always has to Practice Battle Armies im Owner in?

  3. Can I add a practice event?Not a practice battle,a practice/training.

  4. i can’t attend, i have something to do that day. SORRY

  5. Walrus is ACP’s server…

  6. I’ll try and come

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