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The Results

Skipper Edit:I have added my pics(There are too many pictures now but it’s not a bad thing,is it?:D)

Hello FGR

The army schedule was tight today, and so, many of our troops had events for other armies. Therefore, we postponed it for 30 minutes before beginning, and we managed to get 15 on chat. A lot of people, though, could not log on CP due to their various events, so we could only average 11ish.

Before the event started

10 Mins before the battle.

When the battle began

People began logging on(Event begins)

We got 10 in the Forts

Same as above.

We moved to the Plaza, where we got 11.

Halfway through the battle(I went afk, so I got logged off. I dont have any more pics)

30 mins before the battle!

We have 9 here,doing the E+9 tactic.

We have 10 here,doing the E+F tactic.

We have 10 again.

We have 11 here while doing the E+F tactic again.This tactic went good.

When we maxed our highest number,12,and this is the army they don’t put in the Medium Top 10 or EVEN THE SMALL TOP 10.

Our tactics were poor. Next time we will improve.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


10 Responses

  1. NICE!

  2. No tactics?

  3. Sorry I missed the event, I see with Ice were truly back on track 😀

  4. Btw, Skipper, please change “while the battle was just starting” as it was postponed, so it was 30 mins before the battle.

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