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Hello FGR

I thought I should just make a post containing all of the details of the upcoming events for this week, as we got too many sticky posts. We got a busy week ahead of us.

Liberation Of Oyster(UK+R.O.W)-Wednesday(7 Expected)

Yes, we are liberating Oyster, our co-capital. Several armies claimed it, and a while back we lost it to the Army Republic, once our brother allies. We want it back, so we will take it back. We won’t have any opposition, it seems, so this event is only mandatory for the UK and the Rest Of The World(Excluding the USA and Australia/NZ). However, if you are not in school, please do attend.

5:00 PM UK(GMT)

1:00 PM EST

12:00 PM CST

11:00 AM MST

10:00 AM PST

Tundra Recruiting*Mandatory*-Thursday(10 Expected)

With the SMAC Glory Cup to be held in Tundra, we can boost the chances of gaining rouges by recruiting there in advance, thus making people who regularly go on that server become aware of us. I know that it is not our server, but I was thinking in improving our presence there. So, this event is mandatory, unless your in school.

8:00pm UK

4:00pm EST

3:00pm CST

2:00pm MST

1:00pm PST

Glory Cup Qualification Round*Mandatory*-Saturday(15 Expected)

This is the main event, and since my return, the most important one. We need a good 15 to prove to the SMAC that we should be in the medium top 10. We can do this FGR, I know we can. All of the owners must attend(apart from those who live in NZ and Australia). Remember, if we do win, we will be holding a Gaming Hour with a lot of prizes, but only if we are victorious. Double promotions will be handed out to some who come.

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 AM PST

7:00 PM GMT

8:00 AM NZ (Sunday, March 18th) Not expected

6:00 AM AEDT (Sunday, March 18th) Not expected

Server: Tundra, Dock

Judges: Puckerman, Jojo

Recruiting Session-Sasquatch-Sunday(12+ Expected)

Another crucial event-our final one of the week. A must attend if you want promotions.

7:30pm UK

3:30pm EST

2:30pm CST

1:30pm MST

12:30pm PST

Comment on whether or not you can attend!

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


10 Responses

  1. Since I won’t remember all the times,just pc me if I’m on during the event.

  2. We MUST win the Glory Cup Round 1. Frankly I don’t think that SMAC or any other army gives a damn about FGR, so we need fame.

  3. same as Ice just pc me if im there

  4. Ice and Xmen.. Just check the site everyday, there is only one per day.

  5. Coolster can you add me to site?

  6. Skipper if your reading this go to http://www.penguinchat.com

  7. i should have gotten a promo, for attendance? right?

  8. I think DJ army claim Oyster

  9. […] event. If you want to prove me and Percy wrong, then attend the recruiting session. Click here for the […]

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