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PB Results

Coolster’s Edit: Excellant FGR. We did take some time to log on, but when we did, we were fantastic. The Water Raiders were no where in site. Keep this up, we need results like this to defeat the Romans. My pictures are at the bottom

Good Job guys!We truly deserve Medium!We averaged 12+ and maxed 14.Lets get back to our ole’ days

Here for the pics:




9(Beginning of the battle)



 Excellent tactic(10/11 people did it)

We lost size in the Forts as people went AFK, but we still did well, though we did not have the best of tactics.


6 Responses

  1. Scheduled event *cough*
    But we still did epic, our best event so far by far.
    Yes, I was there from beginning to end 😛

  2. Its was not unscheduled.. Lol

  3. Nice job FGR.

  4. Are you at war with the Romans or something?

  5. People need to pay attention

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