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Are You Kidding Us?

Coolster114’s Edit: to be honest, FGR, we did our best, but a lot of people had last second changes of plans and stuff(In fact, 2 people came on chat in 10 minutes in advance and said they could not attend, whilst others came after, saying they were busy), so it was kind of alright. Yet, I don’t want any more 7/8s at events FGR, this is only worth a high small top 10 position. Yes, we only came back 2 weeks ago, but we do have an increasing amount of people-15 said they could come, but only 8 turned up at our best. Anyways, My pics are at the bottom.

Hello guys.

Today,I was really mad.It didnt go like we expected.We could max 8 while they got 10-12.You know,you have to start to be disciplined.We should prove them that they arent stronger than us.We MUST get better results tomorrow.Here are the pics:

In an army,only owner shouldnt make events you know…



5 Responses

  1. I was there, by the way.

  2. I was a Mod and made the events too.

    • I know mariosatr,but only high mods and owners do make events.I’ve never seen a member of us on CP…

  3. Coolster we should’ve “Fought till the end”

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