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War With The Red Warriors

Hello FGR

Many of you are aware of a rebel group created, known as the Red Warriors. They have declared war on us, so thus we will retaliate. Enemies, you know very well that any army who dares mess with us will be crushed, so get ready to die. You think you can outnumber us? You are wrong.The Fort Ghost Recon will succeed.

The event tommarow is changed to an invasion of their apparent capitol server Yukon, although they do not rightfully own it. It’s our only option, because none of their invasions have been illegitimate, and so they do not really own any servers. Once we succeed in invading the server, we will not claim it, rather we will let it be owned by its rightful owners(Whoever legitimately owns the server)

Oh, By the way Benjarkin, please moderate my comment, it explains why your invasions of our servers are illegitimate, LOL.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


2 Responses

  1. yukon is our server all the other ones were all vacant from deadgroups yukon is not on any other group if you dont believe that we own it

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