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New Widget Idea for More Soldiers on Battles

Note:To make this reminder,you have to make me admin.Please,I’m begging for it,I was already admin in the past.

Hello FGR!

This is my 40th post!Today,I’ve thought of an idea which can get us more active.Well,we’ll make a widget called “Battle Reminder” or something like that.We will write the closest battles there to remind soldiers attend it.We will make it somewhere top of the widgets so soldiers could see it easier.Well,what do you think about this?

Waitin’ for your votes!



10 Responses

  1. You were only a admin for a week..

  2. No,I was admin for the whole time.I always added some stuff on the blog.

  3. Also there are %100 votes.

  4. Why don’t you make me an editor,do you think I will hack or something?Everything was good when I was editor.It was even BETTER.

  5. Oh jesus.I’m not speaking any more…

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