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Anonymous Event+Recruiting Sessions

Coolster114’s Edit: We will be invading the Red Warriors part of Yukon for the anonymous event-this has been decided 24 hours in advance.

Hello FGR

The Red Warriors have declared war on the FGR. Benjarkin is now officially in the H.O.S.

The new Leader(s) will be decided BEFORE next Thursday. Please feel free to ask me if you want to take up that position as long as you will be active and are experienced.

We will be having an event on Saturday. The details, apart from the timings, will be decided on the day. This session is mandatory and anyone who does not come has a high chance of demotion. In recent events, people were on chat but were AFK for the whole time, that is unacceptable. If that continues to happen, you too will also be demoted. I am expecting a good 12-15 at this event, so make sure you do come.






Recruiting Sessions

We will be having recruiting sessions to gain more recruits, although we don’t have a problem in doing so at the moment. If your looking to get promoted or be the next leader(If your a owner) attend most of these events, but they are optional.

European/Australian Events- 7 Pm GMT. Every day(Today-next Thursday)

USA/R.O.W Events- 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST, 6 PM MST and 5 PM PST. Every day(Today-next Thursday)

The USA/R.O.W Events will be lead by Percyjackson2 and Iceeblu101. Make sure someone takes pics if we get decent numbers.

Recruit on chats!

-Coolster114. FGR Leader


8 Responses

  1. I will make the mandatory event but I cant make the usa events because they are soo late for me.I will try to make european events though.

  2. Sorry for not making it 2.5 hours ago, I was out of the house so the timing was terrible for me. Should be able to come for most of the rest though.

  3. Separate the Euro and Aus/NZ events. If you haven’t noticed, 7am GMT is like 5am AusEDT.
    Oh, and I just might be able to come. (I usually can’t go on the computer before 4pm EST.)

  4. 19:00 (7) GMT is 21:00 (9) for me.

  5. Hello there, You may not have heard of me but I have heard quite a lot about you. I would like to ask if you would like to join the united union of club penguin. We are a growing alliance and you could be the next member. Just comment on the site below and we will find a space for you.

  6. I will be back from vacation on Monday(March 12th) and will be able to lead.

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