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The New Leadership

Hello FGR

Today, a FGR Legend, Shad, retired from his position as our leader. He has served us for a while, so his exit may affect us. However, my fellow comrades, we have survived without Shad. You do realize that back in July when we got 20-25 at events we did that with me, Fido and Elitesof, whilst Shad was away. And remember when Shad left for a while but we got to number 1 in the SMAC Medium Top 10 rankings? Even without him we can rise, and we will. I am fully aware that we are getting similar site view numbers to the ones we got in July, just that half the people are not joining. Honestly, you should join us, we are improving day by day – at the moment there are tons of moderator ranks available. One day, you may regret missing the opportunity of having a decent rank in the FGR.

As for the leadership, I am placing Percyjackson2 and Iceeblu2 as temporary leaders to lead alongside me until I find a good leader(s) who can replace Shad on a permanent basis. However, their is a chance that these two will be the permanent leaders. Just keep in mind, our goal is not to rise and then fall – we have developed a stereotype like that. What we want is to rise, and become stable, therefore the leadership must be good. If you think you can be an active leader who will be able to recruit a lot of people, regardless of the fact that you may not be in the FGR, comment stating why I should give you the leadership.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


9 Responses

  1. Well,maybe you could think of me.I was an owner in this army from the beggining of this generation.I’m pretty experienced too,and I show up to events.I update the site a lot.I know a lot of things from my old experiences in this army.

  2. I’m saddened to hear about Shad’s retirement. I hope that you find a good leader Coolster.

  3. Ice and Percy are pretty good leaders (like they were before FGR ‘died’), so I think they should be permanent.

  4. Can someone add me back to site? Email in comment.

  5. Ello FGR, would you consider me as leader? I got at least mod in all the armies I joined/am in.
    I lec GW to getting No.5 in the SMAC Small Top 10 (Quite recent) the 1st Top 10 in there 2G. I used to lead or be owner in at least half a dozen armies if your interested in me leading tell some owner in GW and they will tell me

    P.S: I report for SMAC

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