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Skipper1090 is back!

Hello FGR,once again!

I am an old 2ic of this army and I decided to be back!This army is the best army ever.We got 20 average in my times.I don’t know what your average is now,but we will rise!We will!(We have our old pictures in the pictures page,take a look at them.)

I want to tell how FGR’s newest generation started.Fido made an army called Cone Heads.We were very epic and number 1 small army in our times.Then,we got into a war with an army.After 2 days of getting war with them,they were hacked.But no one from CH knew how to hack,and we didn’t do it.But surely they thought we did it.We talked days with them saying that we didnt do it.But they didnt believe us and hacked us back.We tried to get a new site,but after 1 month we could make it again.But no one showed up to events.We didnt even have events.So we sadly died.Then,Fido created another army called Black Warriors or something like that.No one joined us and no one showed up to events,so we died in 1 week.Then,Fido became more disciplined and he knew about this army called FGR.So he started our new generation…

Here is what’s writing about me on Hall of Fame.

Skipper1090- One of the first troops to join the modern generation. He was one of the 3 remaining troops when the FGR site was hacked in the April of 2011, and supported the leadership as they grew to new heights, even when he could not access chat. One of the greatest Second In Commands of this era.

Please See:For some reason in my country XAT is banned,so I can’t come to chat,never.But I will show up at events.I’m also trying different ways to get to XAT.Also,to admins:How do I pin the posts?(Make it at the top always).One more thing:I’m an author rank,but I sometimes add graphics and update the pages.So can you make me admin?I add a lot of new things,like the pictures page etc.


5 Responses

  1. Glad to have you back. 😉

  2. What country are you? (I’m not a stalker BTW XD)

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