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Moving On….

Alright FGR,

I am sorry to say, but I have been thinking about this since last wednesday. I have decided try something that my good friend Wyoskyguy did in CPR. I have decided to make a new rank called Leading Advisor. What it is is it gives me the same power over FGR but lets me move on in my CP Armies.

I have decided to move on because I have been mainly in FGR since last June and I want to move on and do stuff I haven’t done in CP Armies yet. I want to bring other armies to greatness I did in FGR. I brung this army into the top ten three times, and thats the first time I have ever did that. Guys right now you guys are slowly rising into greatness. What you guys need to decide is whether you want to or not. If you really want to, I recommend becoming more active in FGR than in any other armies you guys are in. Guys, Coolster is a really good capable leader as long as you listen to him and become active on chat and active at events. You guys can’t come into greatness without that. Anyways I’m going to sign out and Coolster, choose another leader in replace of me, I recommend someone who isn’t in that many armies so they can have full time focus on FGR. Also, if you don’t want to do that rank then put me wherever you want.

~To be a Recon means to give up the rest of the stuff you do and to focus upon your job as a recon~



3 Responses

  1. Please dont create this leading advisor rank, I do respect you, but you know, your not the only one who made this army rise and fall, and this rank kind of takes away the leaders freedom. If you want, you can become a advisor and from time to time return as a temp.leader

    Anyways, we will miss you.

  2. I’m not in an army other than FGR,I’m only FGR and you know how active I am,coolster.

  3. You were a great leader Shad. Good luck with what else you plan on doing in your CP Army career.

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