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The Damn Truth.

Seriously you guys? I am VERY disappointed in you all. I don’t understand how you guys could just let this happen. Please, Please, Please get active.

And what is such a big deal about the ranks? I was taught that getting mod was a HUGE honor and when I finally became mod after 4 months of hard work, I was extremely proud of myself. But here, In FGR, getting mod is almost like a punishment. I don’t understand why.

Why do you desire power over almost everything? Why do you rage quit because you don’t get a promotion every day? That my fellow recon is total bullshit. I’m really ashamed of what this army has become and I hope that all of you are too. Now, Please try and get this army to be legendary and great again. Because all I see right now, is a falling and half-dead memory of an army.

Elitesof didn’t create this army to be crumpled like a piece of paper and thrown in the trash. Now get active, or get out.

This has been a message from your friendly clown Ghj.


2 Responses

  1. I guess I crave power a bit. But I think being Leader of the Mods is a good position, so I’m not gonna focus on that a while.
    I’m sorry about my army, the Titan Warriors, they have not been active in FGR, I’m probably the only one who’s ever gone on again. At the event the other day, I was the only one there. I thought I was going to forget so I came a few minutes early. About a half hour later, I got off. Nobody was on. That’s when I realized FGR was dying.

  2. i feel ashamed 😦

    i haven’t been active due to many school projects

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