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I’m ashamed…

What is this army coming to? From what I can tell it is full of greedy people who like special powers on xat, (aka. being mod, or owner), why is it that people are being obsessive about the colour of their xat pawn? Does it really matter what your xat pawn looks like?

I call on those of you who are not of leader rank, to pick yourself up, and get a grip…

If you are going to be one of these people that are in the army for the rank, and not in the army for the army itself, then please, in the politest way possible, I request that you get the fuck out. This army not so long ago, was only medium, and yet had a healthy number of members, who were dedicated to the cause of this army, and since, the core of our army has become twisted and corrupted by a colour of something insignificant.

And I was going to write more, but I think I explained my self quite well, and to explain myself even more would be rather useless.


P.S I’m going to sound like a hypocrite here, but “Supreme Advisor” is a position given to only one person, so that other kid can have a lovely “Advisor” rank, or “Chrisi’s Slave”


9 Responses

  1. Chrisi’s Slave, huh? Pass.

  2. When I was leader, you got demoted when you asked for a promotion and if you were a mod and you complained about your rank, I demoted them to a member rank. Simple as that.

    • I’m gonna admit something here. When you and Chrisi were still operating, everything was (usually) fine. I don’t remember any big ranting posts from when I first joined up until now. Now FGR is practically dying out and even Ice resigned, and Shad is also threatening to quit.

      • I’m here for the army itself, not for people that don’t care for it. I’m here because Elitesof chose me to be here.

  3. Agreed we need some new leaders in my opinion.

  4. What the hell are you talking about

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