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xSHADx:Ok sorry for the inconvienience but cul/husk you are not a leader. Perce we never agreed on that. Right now we have enough leaders and we are keeping momo/dude whatever as a leader. Nuff said.

Cahillguy: I added someone called “Slimy102” to ranks because no one else was doing the join page.

Alright I’m giving up here so it’s time to make a more serious movement here.

First off Percy, we can’t just keep posting Active Counts because that does NOTHING for FGR except show who’s active and who isn’t. We already know who is and who isn’t. So now I am changing the ranks.

All the ranks from Mod down will be nothing but mods and members meaning if your a mod then your a mod if your a member your a member.

Ghost Recon lords: Shad, Percyjackson2, Ghj147, Dude

2nd in Command: Mazzyandmilk, husk/cul,

3rd in Command: Cahillguy,Polov

 (Supreme) Advisor: Chrisi Blule,kidcash008

 Firehot6, Bob1960s,b Batman 3 a.ka Kevin, Rohan,Environdude1,Silvercamero,Smallpengi12, Smack/Frost,Arewghy, RobbyBobby,Melted 205,Peeko, Iceberg 795,RedDuck34, Nicwin,Cogsarecool,CarlyFan1234,flappy

 Waterboy89,Twinkle17665,Bdog97458,Cian130,Rjise1,Poptropica5, Giulian2,Waddley7699, Akiva,Nintendo2, ClubPenguinfan89 a.k.a fanny,Darth1, Floppy18126, Clob18, Slimy102, Liam7997

That’s how the ranks will be from now on. So just be focus on trying to be active because now you have nothing to complain about except whether your active or not. Also If it is alright with Percy, I am making Ghj a leader for now.

And I won’t be on for the rest of the week due to a few family problems.

So stay active and STEP IT UP! If we don’t have active troops within the next couple of weeks I WILL LEAVE ALSO!!!!

I don’t know about you but I am TIRED of this inactivness bull crap. So step it up or get out. The ribbon system is out and all we will use is if your active we will know it. If your not then we will know it.

~The Future rests in your hands~



3 Responses

  1. Yes FGR is dying. We had to resort to effing up our ranks. I hope that desperate measure is worth it.
    And Bob, that probably makes your post on SMAC about FGR rising useless (no offense, just saying FGR is failing).

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