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Retiring from FGR

I will only be retiring from FGR. You can contact me at Elite Romans site,or chat,or find me on UMA chat,or contact me at infernoable@gmail.com.

Click that read more button.Want to know my reasons for retiring?

First I don’t feel it necessary to lead a army that  lacks activity,and doesn’t want to get on CP,while a event is going on. A perfect example was yesterday. 14 people on chat,but only 5 on CP. Second I doubt  anyone really cares about FGR besides GHJ,Xmen,Kevin,and the leaders. Everyone only cares about their rank. Someone always says they will shape the future of FGR if he/she is  owner,but why don’t you change FGR’s future while as mod,heck why not member? A rank doesn’t decide what you can’t change,or can change,it’s just a rank. Third 75% of the majority of FGR makes excuses,or ignores my PC’S  and commands. I won’t lead a group of people,that don’t want to listen when told to.Fourth I don’t feel like anyone is trying to lead besides me,and Shad. Percy doesn’t post,or do much,and Momo is just inactive(not to be offensive to you two),and none of the owners don’t really do anything,besides GHJ.(This does not count the new 3ics)

Until you guys change your act,and get active,I won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Good day to you.


6 Responses

  1. Goodbye Ice you were a great leader

  2. Goodbye Ice I hope you will also be a great leader to other armies like you were with us.

  3. Goodbye Ice :[

  4. D: Bye Ice! You were a great leader!

  5. I check the site every day as well.

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