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xShad Inc. BullxComing Soonx

I am going to start a new system called Ribbons to bring back activeness. How does it work you ask? Once a month you have to have 5 medals for a promotion.

This is how the ribbon system works.

10 Ribbons=A medal

1 Ribbon by being on chat(a leader has to notify that they saw you on for at least 10-15 mintutes.

5 Ribbons for being at an event.

1 Ribbon for commenting on the site.

2 Ribbons per person you recruite

Thats how it works.

Also when I get back I will be looking for the soldier of the week for the Shad Inc. Bulletin which I will bring back the following week I get ungrounded!

Also remember to ask me a question on the Ask Shad post @ http://shadinc.wordpress.com/

Also I will be making a facebook page and a twitter soon!! I will also make a shad inc. page also! So keep looking at the site and stay active!





4 Responses

  1. Okay, because I made 3 comments today at different times and I make like 5 comments a day when some of the leaders make 0.

  2. Just saying to everyone, there was already a system like this except it died out a few weeks after it started. The Medals page at the top will show you proof.

  3. I have 7 ribbons, 1 for being on chat, 5 for going to an event, and 1 for commenting. Make that 2 for commenting

  4. So I have 9 ribbons for just commeng right now too.

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