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Event{Must come}

xSHADx:I’m ungrounded so I will be looking for the troop of the week!! STAY ACTIVE

Ice:Anyone added to site,if you know any other Time zones times,add them to this post. Also remember to comment

❗ Must read ❗

Hey FGR,

With Shad grounded,Percy’s computer broken,and Momo having exams,it leaves me to leave. I understand we are on a fall,but no need to worry,we’ll just get back up. Also another thing is, we need to STEP it up. Our activity,including mine,has been poor.  All of you should know that FGR is known for being one of the biggest medium armies out there. I want to accomplish something more then being the biggest medium army. We reached major about 2 weeks ago,but I still don’t think that’s enough. Don’t you want to reach the top 5 or higher? Heck,I know I do. Well we need to act and show that we are one of those armies. To test our current size,I just planned a event(PB Canceled),since our others were quite fails. :l

Below is the information you need to know.

➡ When:Sunday 15th

➡ Where:TBD on chat

➡ Times:

3:00 Central(CST)

4:00 Eastern(EST)

1:00 Pacific(PST)

2:00 Mountain(MST)

❗ Be on FGR Chat during event ❗

❗ Comment if you can come or not ❗

I expect everyone to be there. No excuses.

-FGR Forever-



10 Responses

  1. I’m coming.

  2. mayB i can be there

  3. I should hopefully be able to come if my parents don’t force me to do something else.

  4. Most likely will get there

  5. Night Rangers will invade you on Oyster 5:30 est Wendsday.
    ❗ this is a 48 hour notice ❗

  6. ill be there

  7. Can’t come, its my brother’s birthday and I’m going paint balling with him.

  8. can’t be there i have a hockey game

  9. It’s 4:08, I’M ON AND NOBODY’S HERE,

  10. It’s 4:22 I’m getting off!

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