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Brand new ranks

❗ Must Read ❗

Hey FGR,

Lately I have been seeing inactivity by many troops.We can’t tolerate inactivity. You may be saying,or thinking,that we are doing fine,were one of the strongest medium armies out there,or,who care’s who’s inactive or not? Well 1,I’m tired of mods inactive,stop being inactive,really,you should be honored to be a mod! 2nd the ranks look really unstable. Many of our leaders of the mods,don’t take their rank seriously,it seems like no one besides Xmen,some of our members,the leaders,Polov,Kevin,and I only lead. You guys call Xmen a noob,but for a noob he’s seriously showing that  right now he has better leading skills then you.

Instead of calling him a noob,maybe you step up and lead? I don’t mean to be hard here,but I really get tired of our mods,and some owners do nothing.

Now with the ranks,you may not like them,I know,but instead of complaining of your rank,show how loyal you are,with a lower rank,then us,the leaders,will give you your previous rank. Deal?

Ranks are below

Red=Lower rank

Green=Higher rank

Blue=Danger of being taken off ranks,or striped of rank and given lower rank.


Ghost Recon lords: PercyJackson2,Momo941,Shad,Iceeblu101,

2nd in Command:Husk/Cul, Mazzyandmilk,Ghj147

3rd in Command: Flappy,Cahillguy(Temp),polov(Temp)

 (Supreme) Advisor: Chrisi Blule

Leader of the mods:Firehot6, Bob1960s,b Batman 3 a.ka Kevin

Elite General,Rohan,Environdude1

Grand General: Silvercamero,Smallpengi12,Step Up 147

Head General: Smack/Frost,Arewghy

Major General: RobbyBobby,Melted 205

Brigader General:Iceberg 795,RedDuck34

Platoon General:Nicwin,Cogsarecool,CarlyFan1234

Ghost recon: Waterboy89,Twinkle17665,Bdog97458,Cian130,Rjise1,Poptropica5


 Colonel: Akiva,Nintendo2,

Major:ClubPenguinfan89 a.k.a fanny,Darth1


Trooper: Clob18




Rohan-I haven’t seen you come to a event for a while. Each time I ask you to come,you always say you have another event. Show that you worthy of your rank you will be demoted.

Environdude-I haven’t seen you comment once on the site. I know you came from the merge,but really get active,or your demoted.

Peeko-Taken off ranks,until becomes active again.

Dvddivi-Taken off ranks,until becomes active again.

SmallPengi-One more chance,that’s it

Step Up 147-Taken off ranks,until becomes active again.

Smack/Frost-Has shown signs of activity.

Arewghy-I haven’t seen you comment,or come to chat at all. Same with Frost we need mods like you,get in shape,or demoted.

Sodaboy-Taken off ranks,until becomes active again.

Nicwin & Cogsarecool-One more chance

You may think this is unfair,but really it’s not. This is only temp ranks,to see  if you deserve this rank.  You can earn or lose your rank,depending on your activity number.

You guys got one chance,you can either blow it.

❗ If none of the people in blue comment on the active count,and event if you can come or now you will be demoted. Final. To earn your rank back,come to the upcoming event,and show that your still active. ❗

That’s all I have to say. Get active or get demoted.



8 Responses

  1. Can I have a promotion

  2. Let’s all depose Chrisi Blule.

  3. lets do it (smirk2)

  4. yay i get to keep my rank

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