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This is absolute BS

Chrisi here…

If you haven’t noticed all ready the chat has been “hacked” by TG, I have something very suprising to tell you guys :O, it obviously wasn’t hacked, this is the third time the chat has been “hacked”, one of our leaders is obviously giving out the passwords, it’s fairly obvious is it not? How could they hack the chat when,

1. I really doubt TG hacks

2. Xat is nigh-impossible to hack

3. You could brute force xat, but the current FGR pass was about 20 characters long, and contained different character types, and according to some password site, would take 20 decillion years to brute force.

So that leaves us with the question…

Which leader did it, which leader wants the xats (Well maybe the don’t want xats, but you know xP)

~Chrisi Blule

Ice edit:


10 Responses

  1. what chat do we go on then?

  2. It’s obviously not me.

  3. Ok this pisses me off, it wasn’t me cuz I havent been on in 2 days -.-

  4. I don’t have the pass. And who would hack us?

  5. I havent been on for 2 days as i was studying for Exams. But TG did ban me on site at there chat, my name didnt have FGR leader either hmmm

  6. No one would really accuse me but anyway,

    1: I hardly know jacks**t about xat.com.
    2: I don’t know the password, nor am I even an owner.
    3: I barely even go on our chat except for events.
    4: I don’t even have an xat account.
    5: I don’t know much about TG, so I can’t do dealings with them.
    6: I am definitely not corrupt, or disloyal, or a hacker, or whatever.

    And I don’t know who hacked us. End of story.

  7. Im highest Mod I aint got no pass

  8. Does it make me a threat because I’m new? Lol, Jk.

  9. im soory it was me D:

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